Tim and Simon pride themselves on unique ideas written with intelligence, surprise and just a hint of daft. Like a hot tub party at Stephen Fry’s.

Tim and Simon’s writing style has been described as fun, high energy, frenetic, absurdist, and above all, very funny.

They’ve most recently created a podcast called Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show. Written, performed and produced by Tim and Simon.

Their work has also been heard on BBC Radio Four with their historical comedy History Retweeted, feeding hashtags trolls and trending topics into moments in history.

A review of the first episode can be found at the Radio Times.

They wrote, directed and even provided some voices for the programme, alongside a very talented cast of voice actors:

  • Lucy Beaumont
  • Anjella Mackintosh
  • Peter Temple
  • Wayne Forester
  • Annabelle Llewellyn

Produced by Sally “Make It Less Smutty” Harrison and Wilfredo Acosta was The Sound Wizard; making it all sound amazing. It is a Woolyback production, to whom they are very grateful.

History Retweeted ran for four weeks from Wednesday 19th February 2014 on BBC Radio Four.

If you’re interested in Tim and Simon’s writing and want them involved in your project then get in contact now.