What We’ve Been Doing

Good evening/afternoon/morrow to you,

You may have been wondering why we, Tim and Simon, have been fairly quiet on the podcasting front for a few months now and we thought it was about time we explained ourselves.

Mostly the cause of this has been babies and work, leading to a distinct lack of time for recording podcasts. However, those are the boring reasons, this is the much more exciting reason…

We have been commissioned to write a four part comedy series for BBC Radio Four due for broadcast in January 2014. That’s about as much as we’re going to give away about it for now, but needless to say, like a dog staring at traffic, we are very excited about it.

With our time limited as it is already, we hope you can understand why our attention has been diverted from podcasting recently.

So bear with us, we’ll announce more details closer to the time. But for now, we hope you are as excited as us, and the bear.

Lots of inappropriate cuddles and kisses,

Tim and Simon

P.S. If anyone has a home for an excited bear, please email us.

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