As you can probably see we have a brand new website, unless of course this is your first visit to in which case you probably think this is the way the website has always looked. But you are wrong.

The sexy new website you find yourself perusing was designed by Martin Wright and all the illustrations were done by the hand of Dan Berry, so we would like to thank them for their hard work in getting the new website up and running and making it the beauty that it is!

Aside from the new website we have a had a lovely few weeks, Brain Spill downloads have been steadily increasing and towards the end of July we had a massive spike in downloads due to finding ourselves at the top of the What’s Hot list on iTunes, on the iPhone:

Yeah! Just above Women’s Hour! Take that, Women!

As you will know, we are knees deep into our summer season and it’s a hoot! We were thinking that maybe standards would half while we double the number of podcasts we’re putting out, but it’s a miracle! We’re probably getting better. Please remember that now we are weekly we need more questions than ever for the Drop In Clinic so make sure you get them in now to

Note: during the transition to this new website, send all emails to, just to be safe!

One more thing before we go and make some more podcasts, we have been nominated for a podcast award and would very much like your help to win it! So if you would be so kind as to follow this link and do a vote for us we would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading, now go and explore the new website.

Tim & Simon

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