Tim and Simon’s Podathon

Hello and welcome,

Whilst we’re still questioning our sanity, we thought we would take a few moments out of our busy day to explain to you what we are up to on Tuesday 27th September 2011.

We, Tim and Simon, are conducting a 24 hour podcasting marathon from 10pm GMT Tuesday through to 10pm on Wednesday.

Fear not, we won’t be just sticking one 24 hour long piece audio onto your hard drive, because it would sound awful, no one would listen and it would take ages to download. We’ve thought of a far more economic way of conducting a Podathon (genius name eh? Podcasting + marathon = podathon.)

We will be releasing a new podcast at the top of the hour, every hour, over the course of the night and day. Each podcast will be around 10 minutes long and will be produced, recorded and edited during that respective hour.

Here’s the best part: it’s all for charity. We have set an ambitious target of £1,000 to be raised for The Alzheimer’s Society. You can give now if you want: www.justgiving.com/podathon Give as little, or as much, as you can.

So, to listen to the Podathon please visit www.timandsimon.co.uk/podathon and download them as they appear, or to make your life easier, subscribe on iTunes and the podcasts will appear on your hard drive as if by magic.

We want as much involvement from you guys as humanly possible, so feel free to send questions, topics, ideas or general queries to podcast@timandsimon.co.uk or on Twitter @timandsimon.

Also, whilst we’re at it, if you would like to send us any audio for the Podathon, messages of support, questions etc, why not email them to us, we may just use them!

It’s going to be a hell of a long day, so please don’t let us do it for nothing. Donate what you can, and if you don’t donate at least make sure you tell your friends and family what we’re up to.

Thanks very much,

Tim and Simon.


  1. I shall try to help and involve myself in ur noble cause,by telling my friends about u guys,donating and asking u lads silly questions or twitting ye random facts:D but all that fun will have to wait till 2m cuz I’m in bed and I is tired:O

  2. Oh @fruitconor 🙂

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