Tim and Simon’s Podathon – What a Day!

Last night at 10pm saw the release of the final episode of the Podathon, a 24 hour marathon of podcasting in which we released a podcast on the hour every hour all in the aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.

We were both absolutely exhausted and genuinely have no idea how it went, all we know is that we did what we said we would and released 25 podcasts over a 24 hour period and tried to make them as funny as we could. They get particularly funny around the late afternoon mark when we really start to struggle with the tiredness.

“I’ve got a bin on my head” – Tim Barnes (5pm)

“I like peppers in my face” – Simon Berry (5pm)

We spent the whole day chatting on twitter and had some very lovely retweets from radio people such as Andrew Collins and Robin Ince. This really helped us spread the word about the Podathon and saw us climb the comedy charts on iTunes. At one stage we found ourselves being the 16th most popular audio comedy podcast in the country!

In total we produced four and a half hours of audio and still don’t really know how we managed to think of enough things to talk about, but with the help of questions from you lot, the internet and our minds we managed to create the epic beast that is Tim and Simon’s Podathon.

Now for the important bit and the bit we feel most passionate about, this marathon was a deal of two halves. First of all, we produce 25 podcasts over a 24 hour period with absolutely no sleep, then secondly, you donate some money to The Alzheimer’s Society.

At the time of writing around 57 people had donated and we were around 60% of the way towards hitting out target of £1000. We know that there was waaaaay more than 57 people who listened to the podcast meaning there are loads of you out there who haven’t donated.

Give as little or as much as you can, as every pound you donate will help us towards hitting our target. We’re sure that even if every person who listened donated just a pound we would smash that target to pieces and probably go on to raise a lot more. So donate just a pound if you want: www.justgiving.com/podathon

We would like to say a massive thank you to those who have already donated, we have made a lot of money for charity and we know the Alzheimer’s Society make good use of it. So thank you very very much, the donations make the whole thing worth it. Another thank you is in order to all those who have been in contact with messages of support and those who have been spreading the word about the podcast, without you we would be nowhere!

Well that’s it, Tim and Simon’s Podathon has been completed. Go and listen to them all on the Podathon page and if you haven’t already done so, donate what you can to this fantastic cause.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening,

Tim and Simon

PS were off to bed

PPS not together


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