The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet

How quick a week seems to have gone, tonight sees (with your ears) the second episode of History Retweeted and this time we’re pretending social media existed in the late 16th Century.

The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet focuses on the first ever performance of the Bard’s most famous play, with updates from the stars of the play, the scientists of the day and of course the great man himself.

Baked Swan is on the menu as the StewTube cookery show hits a brand new low, featuring an excellent performance by the extremely talented Jelly Mackintosh, as the extremely untalented 16th century chef, Gwen.

So listen in awe as we hunt witches, hang criminals and dispose of your poo. Yes we did just say that. It’s the Premiere of Romeo and Juliet. On 26th February at 11pm on BBC Radio Four.

Please enjoy and remember, if you spot a witch… well, you’ll see.

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