The Moon Landing

So, tonight sees the start of History Retweeted, with The Moon Landing.

This one was a right old hoot to write, we loved 1969 as a year to poke fun out of. Whether it was the pop stars, the TV or even a caterpillar with an eating disorder.

For each episode we had to pick a historic event that people already have a base knowledge of. The show is only 15 minutes long so we don’t really have time to give a full on history lesson.

That being said, you’ll hopefully pick up the odd bit of information. Can you name the third astronaut on board Apollo 11? Do you know what day of the week did they lifted off? You will do.

The recording of The Moon Landing was also great fun; accents galore! Listen out for our turns as new 1960s action figures… Blink your ears and you’ll miss it.

There’s also a sneaky line in a sketch which may seem familiar to Brain Spill listeners. Brownie points* if you spot it.

So, with a touch of trolling, a bit of Bowie and a slither of sexiness, please enjoy episode one of History Retweeted – The Moon Landing. Tonight at 11pm on BBC Radio Four.

*Brownie points are not redeemable anywhere

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