The Great Pyramid

History Retweeted episode 3 is out this week and this time we take social media further back than it’s ever been, as we retweet ancient Egypt.

Listen in awe as Pharaoh Khufu gathers resources and people as he embarks on one of the greatest building projects of all time. So, we hope you like sand in your pants, especially if you’re called Amy… this has nothing to do with this week’s episode. We’re just planning a guerrilla-sand-in-your-pants-attack on unsuspecting Amys. Let’s call it CHAFING AMY!

Anyway, back to History Retweeted, make sure you listen out for a better way to dispose of your pets, a tense game of tug-a-hoop and a brand new medical drama that some are calling the new House. Except that it happened 5 thousand years before. Timeline traveling is hard work (see what we did there?).

This episode felt like the easiest to write despite there being less information compared to more modern history. This gave us a little more freedom to have some fun with ancient Egypt staples such as animal gods, mummification and of course man boobs. This will all make sense, we promise.

Episode 3 – The Great Pyramid is on BBC Radio Four from 11pm on Wednesday 5th March and, if you miss it, don’t forget you can hear it again on the iPlayer.

Bonus prize if you can guess where this comes in:

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