The Fall of the Berlin Wall

We start this blog with a bit of bad news. Unfortunately History Retweeted comes to an end tonight. We know, it hurts, it hurts right in the gut. Which, if you’re not that bothered about History Retweeted could be gall stones, or ulcers or something… go and see your GP.

The good news is that there’s still a whole new episode of brain scintillating comedy goodness, as we head way back to the ancient 1980s, to the fall of the Berlin Wall – reimagined through a vocalised social media timeline. It’s quite fitting really, on the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of the internet…

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, David Hasselhoff does make several appearances in The Fall of The Berlin Wall as well as lots of other 80s pop culture references. But, it’s not all about spandex spangled silliness as we follow the lonely love life of Gunther, a man looking to find love through a hole in the wall.

In our humble opinion, this one is the best of the bunch and we feel we are leaving on a historic high, that won’t leave you blubbering. Unlike Wally, your new favourite childhood cartoon character.

So please don’t feel sad, we’re sure History Retweeted will be repeated and when it is we’ll be sure to let you know. Just keep an eye on this here website and our Twitter feed for the latest Tim and Simon news, including updates on future projects.

History Retweeted – The Fall of The Berlin Wall is on BBC Radio Four tonight at 11pm and will be available on iPlayer for the next seven days.

Please enjoy,

Tim and Simon.



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