Well well well, what a busy few weeks we have been enjoying. We’ve given two interviews, crept into the iTunes charts, and a Sony award winning podcaster likes our podcast! We are just about as giddy as a school girl wearing Justin Bieber’s face.

First off, the lovely Jason Forrest interviewed us for The Milk Bar podcast, which you can hear here, we were first guests on the show, which was a good ol’ barrel of fun. We talked, and laughed; business as usual. We revealed a little too much about our legs and Tim made a move for one of the co-hosts (don’t tell his wife). So thanks to Jason, Rob and Zoe (sorry!).

Secondly we were interviewed by the BBC. You read that correctly; THE BBC! We were invited for a chat with the charming Mr Jim Hawkins on BBC Shropshire to discuss podcasts and comedy and what started out as a nice chat ended up with us threatening to steal his job! Sadly our pursuit of squatter’s rights failed and we were escorted out of the building. That last bit is a lie, but it was a hoot nonetheless and Jim and the team were very nice.

Being recently listed in the iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ section on the iTunes Store podcast page has brought with it lots of you lovely listeners, and pushed us into the iTunes charts for the first time! Like a small child quietly whimpering, Brain Spill has finally been noticed, embraced and given a balloon. The podcast has dipped in and out of the top 50 comedy podcasts, so thank you. Thank you, if only for this moment:

In your face, anthropomorphic meerkats!

Also we would like to say a quick thank you to Olly Mann, of Answer Me This! fame, for his kind words on Twitter which has resulted in whole lot of new fans! So hello new listeners and if you haven’t listened to Answer Me This! you should, it’s nearly as good as Brain Spill.

In the meantime, episode 20: “You Don’t Have To Be Mad To Work Here, But It Helps” is available to download now. As well as including an overly-long title, it includes a new feature entitled ‘Tim and Simon’s Drop in Clinic’ where we offer you help and advice in our usual discrete manner. If you need help, get your question into


Tim and Simon

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