Summer Season

Hello you lot,

As regular listeners to the podcast will already know, we recently announced something very special: we’re now a weekly podcast! It’s Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill Summer Season:

Yes, we kicked off the Brain Spill Summer Season by announcing that you will have a podcast every single week throughout July, August and September. Sure, the quality might take a hit but that’s just the kind of commitment we have to display in answering what Brain Spill fans have been asking for.

We should give a mention to Jason Slater, who interviewed us for his excellent tech blog. He asked us a bunch of good questions about Brain Spill and podcasting in general. He makes us sound like we actually know what we’re doing, so thanks Jason!

On top of this, we’ve started ironing out the creases in a new show for Calon FM and we can tell you now that the new website is coming together nicely, we’re hoping to have that launched in the next few weeks.

P.S. We still want to get on The One Show by Christmas, so if anyone can help us that would be great.

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