Regarding Mentor!

Each week on Tim and Simon: Mentor! we set a different theme, we then make an episode based around said theme, in which we help you achieve goals relating to that theme.

We are now 14 episodes deep and have come to the realisation that by restricting you to a theme each week, we are restricting the amount of “help” we can offer.

So from now on Tim and Simon: Mentor! is a free for all! Whatever goal or aspiration you have, big or small and regardless of its nature, we can and will help you.

Whether you have a job related goal, a sex related target or a crime related aspiration, or whatever, get in contact today and Tim and Simon will mentor you!

Thanks for now,

Tim and Simon

P.S. all disclaimers regarding the dangers involved with following any advice given by Tim and Simon still remain. Tim and Simon accept no responsibility should you follow their advice and get yourself dead, or worse.

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