Quarterly Update

Hello Tim and Simon Fan! Maybe you are not a fan at all and maybe you have just stumbled upon this website by accident and have no idea who we are. Well all we’d say to you, person who doesn’t know who we are, is that there a big fricking clue in the URL.

So what have we been up to I hear you cry, well we currently have a brand new and exciting website under construction that we hope to have with you as soon as possible, the podcast is seeing absolutely brilliant download figures, for which we are thankful, and our radio show “The Waffle” will be having a makeover in the next few weeks, more details of this will be revealed in time.

Whilst you are waiting for the new website you can find out up to the minute information and even more goodies at our brand new Facebook page:


On this page we shall be posting every time we do something exciting regarding the podcast and website, and we will even chuck in some cheeky extras for you. So go there, right now, and ‘like’ it.

Are you still here? What are you waiting for? GO AND LIKE IT!!!

If you are still reading this then you are really bad at following instructions and probably have an authority complex, but that’s ok, we love everyone equally even if they aren’t quite as mentally stable as others.

With your mental stability well and truly questioned you should go now and enjoy your life, go and tell someone you love them, make pancakes and let a spider live for once, and tell everyone you know about the podcast. But do ensure to return this page every so often as we have a very exciting announcement to make in the next few weeks.

Good day to you sir,

Paul and Barry

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