Podcasting Update!

Hello you,

Welcome to our too infrequently used blog page, where this time around we have some news regarding our podcasting output.

Mostly due to newfound parenthood on Tim’s part, we have decided to reduce the amount of Mentor! podcasts we release. We should clarify that we are not stopping the podcast, we’re simply releasing them ad hoc, mostly in the form of How To’s similar to the one Simon released last week, whilst releasing a full fat Mentor! as and when we can.

All other Tim and Simon output will remain the same with Brain Spill returning in the week commencing 22nd April 2013. That means we will be live on Calon FM from 6pm that evening.

Having said all that, you should definitely keep an eye on the website for future announcements. Tim’s baby isn’t the only reason we have to reduce our podcasting output. We received some very exciting news recently and can’t wait to share it! Here’s a hint… think Shirley Bassey.

Speak soon.

Loads of tender love and care,

Tim and/or Simon

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