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Tim and Simon’s podcasting output is changing.

We would like to take a few moments to explain a couple of changes we are making to our podcast schedule. As from now, Mentor! will be released on a bi-weekly basis (keep sending us your goals, dreams and aspirations!) and there will also be some special self-help tapes to keep an eye out for…

On top of this we are very pleased to announce the return of Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill. You may remember that we left it on an indefinite hiatus earlier this year. Well remembered! This time round, we’ll be bringing you highlights of our excellent radio show blended with a fine array of sketches and of course, words from our “sponsors”. Consider it Brain Spill 2.0.

So that’s two Tim and Simon podcasts for the price of none!

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  1. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Thank you tim and simon for bringing back my favourite ever podcast 😀 I missed brainspill, your sketches and conversations made my week just slightly bearable EXCITEMENT OVERLOAD!!!!

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