“Not as shit as I expected”

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we have updated the news/blog page so we thought we would give you a quick insight into what we have been up to!

We are currently in the process of giving the website a massive overhaul with the help of a cracking web designer / illustrator duo, so we hope to have a brand new sparkling website for your eyes to feast upon soon!

Brain Spill is like a snowball, in that it’s gaining momentum and gaining in size and presence – not that it melts easily and is handy for throwing at old ladies. We are getting hundreds and hundreds of downloads per episode so thanks to all who have downloaded and subscribed. Good work!

We both went to see Richard Herring performing his show Christ on a Bike in our home town of Shrewsbury, which was smashing.  After the show Richard was signing programmes and saying hello to people and we managed to get him (by choice) to have a listen to our podcast. Following a series of emails (in which Tim referred to his show as ‘Jesus on a Bike’) we now officially have a review from the award winning podcaster and comedian:

“Not as shit as I expected” – Richard Herring

We are very proud of the fact an award winning man thinks we are average and we will be displaying this quote with pride when our new website is complete. So we would like to send a massive thank you to Richard for his time and would like to tell you all to go and listen to his work, it’s very good!

But before you do that, go and subscribe to Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill on iTunes!

Over and out.

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