Merry Christmas, Have a Present.

It’s Christmas, so we can’t possibly leave you to wallow about on Christmas Day with nothing but the Brain Spill Christmas Special to listen to, so here they are: episodes 1-9 of Tim and Simon’s Brain Spill!

Episodes 1-5

Episodes 6-9

These are the episodes that aren’t available to download through iTunes following a series of events which really aren’t interesting enough to go into the details of. But unless you have been subscribing since last year, you probably won’t have heard them.

This is more for completists than for those who want entertaining really, as the first nine episodes are ones that send shudders through our spines at the mere thought of them. Listening back to them, one thing can be certain – we’ve come a long way in the last year. In these first episodes, we talk about the news, there is no Drop In Clinic, and we’ve certainly been funnier. But to keep you from listening to these gems from the past would be neglectful of our duty to you, the loyal Brain Spillian.

So sit back, relax, and listen away to the forgotten “treasures” and enjoy! Then listen to a more recent episode to remind yourself that we’re actually a bit better now…

Finally, please do have a very merry Christmas! May Santa stuff your stockings full of joy and/or presents.

Tim and Simon


  1. Thanks, my collection is finally complete!! MWAHAHAHA

  2. Great! I was wondering where Eps 1-9 were! (I only discover this 3 months later – I am a slow slow sloth)

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