We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new baby. We’ve mopped up the mucus and can reveal that we have given birth to a beautiful baby podcast.


The premise is simple. We’ve bought an Argos catalogue from 1999 and are going to work our way through it highlighting products and sharing stories relating to the things we find.

You might be thinking ‘Why?’ and you’d be right to ask that. We, grown men, are literally going through a twenty year old catalogue, that cost us a tenner on ebay. For fun.

But read this! This catalogue is a slice of time, we can see what people were buying and what was important in our lives back in 1999… Stretch Armstrong, Tamagotchis and cheap jewellery.

Think of it as an unhealthy form of regression therapy.

Big thank you to Simon’s larger brother Dan Berry for the wonderful artwork before your eyes, and a big thank you to Stephen Davey for the funky theme music!

So these are the first three episodes of: Catalogue!

Do enjoy.

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