Brain Spill 3.0

Hello, you cheeky little bastard.

You will have noticed a new podcast was released last week. It’s the first in a brand new series of Brain Spill podcasts dubbed Brain Spill 3.0.

As you may or may not know, we spend a lot of our time working, parenting or writing these days and have very little time or space left over to make highly produced and tightly edited podcasts. Having said that, we have always loved podcasting and our loins ache to release audio to you on a regular basis. So we have decided to simplify our podcasting.

Much like the iPhone 5c, Brain Spill 3.0 is a cheaper little brother. It may not have all the bells and whistles of a iPhone 5s*, but it is still an iPhone and your friends will be impressed.

It’s the VHS version of Titanic, you still get all the enjoyment of the story, you’ll feel the love, embrace the passion and cry the tears, but you just won’t get to enjoy Kate Winslet’s breasts in full HD.

It’s like the supermarket homebrand version of Coco Pops… Anyway! Enough apologising, Brain Spill is back and stripped right down to a conversation between us. It’s simple, it’s raw and it’s something we can do on a regular basis.

Sure the sound quality won’t be the best, but it’s a window into our world – come, press your nose against the glass and get arrested for peeping! We will attempt to release a new episode once a week on a Friday or Saturday, just keep an eye on our Twitter feed or this website for any updates.

Thanks for reading, you cheeky little bastard,

Lots of loaf and infection,

Tim and Simon
*The iPhone 5s is neither a bell or a whistle, which is a shame.

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