Beyond Chunderdome

Here is your podcast update!

We haven’t done a huge amount. Wait, we have done a huge amount: of vomiting. We’ve been shooting the chunderbluss at the porcelain firing range, playing the devil’s explosive accordion and becoming a connoisseurs of deconstructed food.


Firstly Simon was a bit ill, then Tim made instant pizza topping which then led to Simon being ill again and seriously hockin’ sausage… Overall we’ve been battling in the chunderdome for about a week and half, but we finally emerged as dehydrated champions!

In an ideal world we’d be ready to record the series about now. But due to some major Jackson Pollocking and having to switch our attention to another project for a couple of weeks, we are slightly behind.

But tonight we are putting together the script for the final episode, and with the help of our script editor Daniel Page, we’re re-writing and finally getting stuck into some recording.

Here’s a random line from Episode One completely out of context:

“Look, let’s have some tubby custard and discuss this like adults.”

We’re still hopeful of a winter release. So bear with us and keep on eye on Twitter and all that, we are trying our best.

Much love and stay safe, there’s a lot of bugs about at the moment!

Simone and Pumbarnes.

P.S. In case you ever need a euphemism for vomiting, here’s some more:

Jumping the lumpy waterfall
Yawning chunks
Barking batter
Becoming the sluice dragon
Feeding your baby pigeons
Slammin’ soup
Bursting the gooey bagpipes
Spurting dirty
Pulling Satan’s party poppers

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