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Hi Friends,

We promised you an announcement, and an announcement we shall now deliver:

After many pasty-fuelled writing sessions in a kitchen in Shropshire, Tim Barnes and Simon Berry are pleased to tell you that we have a 4 part comedy series starting on BBC Radio Four, 11pm on Wednesday 19th February. It’s called History Retweeted.


History Retweeted is a retelling of world-changing events with a modern twist, transporting you to timelines gone by, feeding hashtags, trolls and trending topics into moments from history.

We wrote, directed and even provided some voices for the programme, alongside a very talented cast of voice actors:
Lucy Beaumont
Anjella Mackintosh
Peter Temple
Wayne Forester
Annabelle Llewellyn

Produced by Sally “Make It Less Smutty” Harrison and Wilfredo Acosta was The Sound Wizard; making it all sound amazing. It is a Woolyback production, to whom we are very grateful.

In the first episode, The Moon Landing: From Launch to Landing, we follow the crew of Apollo 11 as they cruise to the moon. We’re given a snapshot of an internet-savvy 1960s – astronauts are trolled, Action Chaps are sold, and America wins gold in the space race.

History Retweeted starts on Wednesday 19th February at 11pm on BBC Radio Four and runs for four weeks, if you miss it you can obviously catch up on the iPlayer.

If you don’t listen to it, we will melt your Action Chap’s eyes off.

Cheers mon,

Tim and Simon.


  1. Awesome guys! Will there be any way to permanently download it and keep it? Maybe iPlayer can do that, I’m not sure.

  2. Idris - the girl one

    I know ways of downloading from IPlayer, but i dont know if its proper…

  3. I value my action chap’s eye therefore I shall listen.

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