Barack Obama’s Llama Alarm

Hello you, thanks for reading another Tim and Simon blog, don’t worry, not too much to read this time – we just wanted to share something with you.

Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve had multiple people saying how much they would like to have a Barack Obama Llama Alarm to wake them up in the morning. Well, thanks to the magic of a microphone and the internet we are pleased to say that we have delivered:

Please do download the mp3 by right clicking this link and hittting ‘save as’. You can then transfer the clip to your phone and be woken up by us every single day!

We like the thought of waking people up across the globe, so please pass this onto your friends and let’s wake up the world with Barack Obama’s Llama Alarm!

Also, if you’re feeling all mischievous, send us an audio clip of you waking someone up with the alarm! Who knows, we might just use it on Brain Spill, so send them on over via

We hope you never oversleep again.


Tim, Simon and a Llama belonging to Obama.

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