An Announcement

Thursday 1st March 2012 saw the release of “The Big Five Three”, the episode of Brain Spill that had been hyped up for, quite literally, weeks. Not wishing to conform, we wanted to commemorate a lesser appreciated number such as 53, instead of the usual dirty round numbers like 50, 100, and the filthiest, 1000. We used the episode to make quite a big announcement.

“The Big Five Three” is to be our last Brain Spill for the foreseeable. That’s right; we are putting to bed the mighty format that has served us so well over the last 18 months, whilst we explore pastures new.

But fear not old chap/chapette. We are releasing a brand new and exciting podcast that you will come to love just as much, if not more:

Tim and Simon: Life Coach

Everyone has dreams, hopes and aspirations. We all have something that we want to achieve, big or small, and that’s where Life Coach comes into play. Through counselling and guidance, we will help you realise those dreams – and what better vessel for counselling and guidance, than a weekly podcast?

Yours trulies will help you accomplish your dreams the only way we know how… by infiltrating your ears with witty and ham-fisted counselling. We may even consider buying a degree to put on the wall, and if we can stump up enough cash, a doctorate. You’re in the best of hands.

Each session will tackle a different subject – the first episode’s theme is CAREERS. So if you have an ambition within the working world then let us know. Whether it’s gaining a promotion, how to land your dream job or how best to deal with your boss, we will guide you. So get in touch and we’ll work together to help YOU achieve YOUR goals (and yes, we have been stealing lines from self help books).

You’ll be the first to know when Life Coach is released, and you won’t have to wait too long – before the month is out. So please keep up to two eyes on the website for details on how to download and subscribe to Tim and Simon: Life Coach.

Thanks for reading!

We’ll be in your ears again soon.


  1. Sad to hear as I only started listening to Brain Spill and I think it’s great! Cannot wait to hear this new podcast though, when will it be available for download? :0

    • It’s been later than expected in coming, but keep an eye, and ear, and a leg out on the website in the next couple of weeks! (And Twitter, and Facebook!)

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