A New Podcast!

Ladies and gentlemen, you will be glad to hear that Tim and Simon: Life Coach has been recorded! And it is good! However, (in your best Chris Tarrant voice) we don’t want to give you that. What we do want to give you is bigger, brighter and if it be possible, better. So, we bestoweth upon ye, we drop onto your iPod, we present to you with cheerful hearts:

Tim and Simon: Mentor!

Consider us a guiding light for all your ambitions, problems, and objectives. These weekly episodes will each centre around one specific theme, the first one being ‘Careers’. Clearly, all advice given by us is purely for comedic value, so should you take anything we say literally, there is no blood on our hands!

So go, enjoy yourself, make hay while the sun shines, and download Tim and Simon: Mentor! We have fun making it, so you should also have fun listening to it!

The theme for episode 2 is relationships – if you need relationship mentoring, then ask for our help! Do so in all the usual places, or perhaps leave a voice message? It’s up to you. Enjoy!

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  1. Great podcast, lads!

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