A New Podcast is Coming

You may have noticed we’ve started blogging and tweeting some more recently.

Basically, we’ve been buried in full time work and honing our comedy writing for the last couple of years without actually producing any content for you to enjoy.

So you’ll have more blog posts; daft work including thoughts, news and parodies of other websites.

But there is more…

(This is where you should get really excited)

Even though Brain Spill was about 153 years ago, we still get requests from people who lust for more podcasts, and we have always yearned to return to the battleground.

And we will be. In the pipeline is a project written, recorded and produced ourselves, distributed to your bad (and good) selves in wonderful podcast form!

So with our production sword* and writing hammer**, you shall have a Tim and Simon sketch show!

Our aim is to create a quality scripted comedy podcast, just to delight you and the neighbour’s cat. Initially, you’ll get four episodes. If you like them, we’ll do more. Simple!

You’ll find out more information when we do, as we’re still writing the thing at the moment – but the bottom line is this:


* laptop
** laptop


  1. Fantastic news lads! My ears impatiently await the dulcet tones of Shrewsbury’s finest (until them I guess I’ll have to listen to you two).

  2. ’bout bloody time you lazy buggers! I’m running out of GML products to send the loved ones this Christmas.

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