Where have we been? Where have you been?!

Well, we’ve both being earning our stripes in local radio over the last few years and having babies… not together, we hasten to add. But we have been busy getting on with life.

Wasn’t life great when you could just record a podcast all afternoon? Look at our little faces! We were so happy with ourselves!

You should see what we look like now…

What about the comedy writing?

We are very much still writing comedy and have a few fingers in a few pies, but you know how these things work… It’s like flying with your mouth open! For 99% of the time you get nothing and then you eat sparrow.

As for podcasts, we are toying with the idea of starting a scripted comedy podcast, because that’s what we love doing and we just want to make something again, get it out there and see what happens.

So keep an eye on the website over the coming months and we’ll let you know when this will happen!

Speak soon!

And for those that wondered…

Beautiful faces.

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