Tim or Simon’s Thought of the Week: Understanding Men

I’ve just been having a look through one of my wife’s magazines, mostly because it had a picture of the lovely Christina Hendricks on the front, but partially because the front cover intrigued me. One of the sub-headlines for this lady-mag is, “GET IN HIS HEAD… and his bed”. I flicked through and the magazine seemed to be full of promises to help women understand ‘what’s really going on’ in a man’s head, promising to reveal truths and uncover mysteries to make you a better women; how to look sexier, be better at sex and how to stop your man from being a filthy cheating scoundrel.

And, from what I have seen it’s not just this magazine, others also teach women how to ‘understand men’, lots of others, and I just wanted to state, what most of you probably think already, that these magazines are a waste of money! Why? Because if you truly want to know what’s going on in a man’s head, just go and ask him.

We’re not complicated creatures, so don’t try to second guess us, or read too much into the things we do. We’re very basic animals who, unless we’re a complete bastard, are quite easy to please.

Also don’t assume we know what’s going on in your head, because we don’t, if there is an issue just come and tell us. Then, if we then don’t do anything about the problem, then you can sack us off faster than the time it takes for Ken Hom to cook an omelette.

Be careful how you read that last sentence.

That’s it really, I just wanted to save the ladies of the world some money and spread this new wondrous truth of how to truly get into a man’s head… talk to him.

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