How to Pronounce Shrewsbury

As you probably know, we are both proud Salopians. That means we are from the county of Shropshire. Specifically, the beautiful town of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury’s famous* for a lot of things**, such as Charles Darwin, flowers and… Cadfael***. But there’s one thing that always crops up when people discuss our fair town, and that is how it’s pronounced.

Some argue that it’s a class thing; plum-in-mouth poshos say it one way and the filthy scum say it another. Some say it depends on which side of the River Severn you live, like crossing the river causes your mouth to malfunction. Some argue that the word Shrewsbury evolved from older words that were pronounced a certain way, others like to reference Shakespeare when making their case. Some say that no-one cares.

But worry no more! Your friendly neighbourhood Salopians have got your back. No more debating on national radio stations every time Shrewsbury reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup. We have the definitive answer:

It’s pronounced “Shrewsbury”.

We hope that helps.

*Debatably famous
**A couple of things
***Point proven.



  1. And there was me thinking my pronunciation of it as “Shrewsbury” was correct all along.

  2. My father took me to Shrewsbury as a young girl regularly to the cattle market. Everyone there pronounced it Shrewsbury and got very upset when they heard people pronouncing it Shrowsbury. As one old man said. ‘My grandfather and my father pronounce ot Shrewsbury so so do I. Fair enough. I think Shrowsbury sound foul.

  3. I’m glad that clears up the problem. I’ve always said “there’s and animal’s name in there. The animal is a SHREW, not a SHROW, so surely the name should be pronounced Shrewsbury, not SHROWSbury.”

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