Goodnight, Sweet Tart

It’s been great to see lots of new comedy with the BBC’s Sitcom Season, and with it saw the return of Captain Gary Sparrow in Goodnight Sweetheart. What we think about it aside, it’s once again brought up the long-going issue that Simon has with the unambitious time traveller.

Captain Gary Sparrow bears a resemblance to Tim and Simon’s latter; The Chinful Wonder. (Granted, not in this photo, made even more confusing by Tim’s shocking Photoshop skills…)

Tim can't do photoshop, Simon does look slightly like Captain Gary Sparrow.

Simon’s not on the right.

But why? What? Who? How? Haw? Ho? Hmm. It can’t possibly be that the human race only has a set number of pointy bits and flat bits that it employs to create faces, resulting in some looking similar. It must be because Captain Sparrow stole Simon’s likeness – it is so pretty after all. There is no other conclusion.

Or is there? The only possible explanation is a clever ploy by the Goodnight Sweettart writers. In this new reboot, perhaps what we will learn is Simon’s origin story. Travelling further in time, Captain Gary Sparrow lands in the mid eighties to sleep with yet another woman that he claims to love but fails to remain faithful to, while not using the gift of hopping generations for genuine good use. Simon is born, Captain Gary Sparrow is his dad, and the series ends in the modern day, when Simon is grown up. He finds out everything, and bludgeons an old man called Gary for sleeping with his mother and stealing his face for a TV programme.

Might have got confused a little there. Still, we’d definitely watch it.

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