5 Actors Before They Were Famous – You Won’t Believe What Judi Dench Looked Like As A Child

We all love looking at how the rich and famous have changed over the years, but some have changed slightly more dramatically than others.

1. Meryl Streep

On the left, Meryl’s first outing as Hannah Umbrella in Netherending Story. Just goes to show the incredible effect that pomegranate slipper smoothies has on your hair.

2. Dame Judi Dench

Before she gained worldwide notoriety for narrating the 2006 Magic Roundabout spinoff Doogal, Judes was a very different kettle of fish. That kettle really flourished with a whistle, spouting the national treasure we now know and love.

3 . The Bloke from Crocodile Dundee

Remember kids, EAT YOUR GREENS. This pig-tailed little girl had no hope of ever being in a film – until she ate enough broccoli in one sitting to fill a Volkswagen Touran. She grew to become Australia’s biggest skyscraper-bending man-giant. Unbelievable.

4. Jude Law

Judi Law has had a rich and varied acting life, from Hands Solo in Star Trek and Indian Joe in the Independent Jones franchise, right through to playing Billie Joe Baggins in The Talented Mr Ripley. He’s really had a transformative career that’s very difficult to keep track of.

5. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was once a small boy in a film from the 90s. Then she married a prince or something like that. Now she’s a sexy septuagenarian punk who loves taking her top off. A mind blowing transformation.

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  1. Some of this is wildly inaccurate.

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