The Sketch Show

A comedy sketch show from the absurd minds of Tim and Simon.

Fun, fast, and often frighteningly bizarre, this is as close as you're going to get to being inside Tim and Simon's head.

Written, performed and produced by Tim Barnes and Simon Berry, script edited by Daniel Page, music by Stephen Davey.

Daytime TV

You’ve watched daytime TV, now listen to Tim and Simon tear it a new one. Jeremy Kyle, Bargain Hunt and Dion Dublin and are all in their sights. Funt Fak: Tim and Simon have another podcast called Catalogue, you can … Continue reading »

Wellbeing and Relaxation

Tim and Simon take on forest bathing, ASMR and Marie Kondo in an attempt to improve your wellbeing, while ruining their own. Fack o’ Fun: Neither Tim nor Simon have ever owned a Bop It! Extreme 2.

Christmas Special

A rapidly put together Christmas Special contains 1 urine scented reindeer, 3 woolly wonders and 25 dead cats (potentially). FACT OF FUN: This is the first episode of the sketch show that features Tim and Simon chatting chit.

The Sketch Show: Episode 4

The fourth and final (for now) episode contains one Daewoo Matiz, three globules of phlegm and one hilarious spoon based mix-up. Fat Funt: Tim and Simon have been misspelling “Fun Fact” since Episode One.

The Sketch Show: Episode 3

This episode contains one plunger, two queens and a whole lot of licking. Fuct Fan: To create one of the sound effects in this, Tim wasted a tin of hot dogs.

The Sketch Show: Episode 2

This episode contains fourteen ducks, four ‘Betty’s and one fourth century wench. Fun Fack: Tim and Simon reference their favourite Gladiator… other than Russell Crowe, or Jet.

The Sketch Show: Episode 1

This episode contains a pod of dolphins, four zips, and one cow print top hat, minus top. Fun Fact: The self-help tape was actually recorded onto a cassette, unspooled and stamped on by Simon.