Podcast DVD Extras: Episode 36

With all the chaos surrounding our recent Podathon we have been unable to bring you a DVD extras style blog for a while. Until now.

This is the blog where we give you a sneaky insight into the latest episode of Brain Spill and often give you a deleted scene from that podcast. Why? Because we have a secretly fancy you and want to let you know by giving you free things.

Last Thursday saw the release of Brain Spill episode 36 “Tim and Anne Frank’s Teenage Diaries”; quite possible our favourite title for an episode yet. The first thing you should know is that some episodes are weirder than others, purely because some days we are weirder than others. Episode 36 is an example of one of these days.

One conversation we did have whilst warming up for the podcast was about “Bloody Nora” which stemmed simply from Simon using the phrase, which we left this in as it made us both titter like children. We do this occasionally as unplanned conversations can be funnier and re-creating them is an impossible task.

Where you now hear the Bloody Nora conversation, we intended on talking about level crossing warning adverts that are all over the telly box at the moment. This is an example of where we have had a conversation which we both thought was funny off mic, then tried to recreate it on mic and it just wasn’t quite so hilarious. It also has quite a serious message which is something we tend to avoid on Brain Spill, it’s supposed to be a bit of light entertainment after all.

Podcast DVD Extra: Specsavers by Tim and Simon

We always have a couple of ‘warm up’ conversations before we record the podcast, this week Tim had been watching Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men on the telly and wondered whether he could convince Danny that he was one of Britain’s deadliest men.

Podcast DVD Extra: Danny Dyer by Tim and Simon

So there we have it for yet another bout of podcast extras, do let us know what you think of this and if you have any questions about anything we do just contact us!

Goodbye my love,

Tim and Simon.

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