Podcast DVD Extras: Episode 30

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Thanks for clicking on blog or following our inevitable twitter link to find yourself here, at yet another DVD extras style blog. This is where we give you an insight into the podcast and often provide you with bonus material such as deleted scenes.

Episode 30 – “The Pervert Trap” was recorded on 7th September 2011, the recording of the podcast itself was fairly uneventful and everything went ahead in the usual charismatic, delightfully funny, emotional rollercoaster kind of a way. Where episode 30 did differ from other episodes is the sheer amount of warm up conversations we had before we started recording the actual podcast.

In total we did seven warmup conversations and even started an eighth, but that one ended up turning into the intro of the actual podcast. So as we have these seven conversations going to waste we thought we would treat you all and give you three of them here right now. How many other podcasts would give you half a podcast for absolutely nothing?

Tim says a naughty in one of them, but it’s not that bad, so enjoy!

Podcast DVD Extra: Bill Murray Brain Mash by Tim and Simon

Podcast DVD Extra: Salesmen by Tim and Simon

Podcast DVD Extra: Bigfoot by Tim and Simon

So there we have it for another DVD extras style blog, hope you enjoyed the deleted scenes and please remember that if you have any questions comments or marriage proposals, please pop on over to the contact page and use our very sexy contact form.

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