Podcast DVD Extras: Episode 27

Podcast DVD extras time again! How lucky are you? Here’s a quick insight into a couple of moments from Episode 27 of Brain Spill – ‘Looking at the Bottom of a biscuit Tin’.

We have a set structure to Brain Spill that we try and stick to each week: an intro, three chats, the Drop In Clinic, three chats and finally an outro, all broken up with those lovely, lovely adverts. We deviated from this set structure this week by adding another section that you may have noticed: The Biscuit Tin Song.

What you hear in the podcast was never meant to be heard and what you hear was completely unplanned. Simon thought there was something rattling as we were speaking and Tim questioned whether or not it was the biscuit and cake tins which were left on the side… the rest is history. We listened back to it and it made us laugh so we stuck it into the podcast, simple as that! We’re not mental, were just fools with no inhibitions.

What you might not realise is that on the day we recorded the podcast we used Twitter to ask you lot for phrases and words to sneak into the podcast without being noticed, the phrases were:

  1. Chicken
  2. Bomb dogs
  3. My lemur has dust mites

We managed to squeeze all three phrases into the podcast and hopefully this will explain why we said one or two weirder than normal things during the podcast. We managed to squeeze the first two phrases into one conversation, which also happened to be the hardest conversation to ‘get right’ in this week’s Brain Spill.

We talked about how Simon’s girlfriend was cursed by a gypsy and in total it took us three takes to get anywhere near happy with the result and we even discussed losing it entirely, here is one of the original takes of the conversation:

Podcast Outtake: Episode 27 (mp3)

We felt it was too much of a slow burner and we didn’t get around to the point of the story fast enough; it takes over a minute to actually reach the fact that she was cursed by a gypsy. Besides that, it didn’t make us laugh as much as we would’ve liked, so we did it again until we were happy.

That’s it for another DVD extras style blog, if you have any questions regarding the podcast get in touch using the contact form and maybe we can answer your question in blog form.

Thanks for reading

Tim and Simon


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