Podcast DVD Extras – Episode 26

Well, seeing as we have a brand new sexy website we thought we’d make excellent use of it and start using our blog page to its full potential. We sat down and had a chat over a cup of coffee. It was perilous and risky, not to mention difficult, as finding a cup of coffee big enough is quite a challenge. Ho ho ha.

We eventually decided that occasionally we would release a blog of show notes. Think of these like DVD extras where we will give you an insight into the podcast that’s been released that week and perhaps let you in on a few secrets.

This week saw the release of Episode 26, “Chonging on Some Moths”. Keen followers of our Twitter and Facebook pages will have noted that this is a change from the title “Death by Paperboys” as originally intended. We had a listen back to the episode and decided that it wasn’t quite good enough for you lot so we sat down and recorded it again. We ended up recording a whole new podcast.

We still have the original episode and plan to start ‘The Legend of The Lost Brain Spill’, the episode that never was. Maybe one day we will release it, but the likelihood is that we won’t; partly because we want to re-use the material in the future but mostly because it was a bit rubbish.

As this blog is similar to DVD extras, it’s only fair that we give you a deleted scene where we can. Before we record most podcasts we do a ‘warm up’ where we ask each other silly questions and try and get into the mood for Brain Spill. This week’s warm up was a conversation stemming from the phrase, ‘by the skin of my teeth’:

Quite often, the audio produced from these warm-ups can be good enough to make it into the final podcast. But this one, although amusing, danced around a couple of different ideas, which means that we rambled a little and struggled to get to the point. But that’s what talking crap is all about, and that’s why we do our warm ups. This kicks our brains into the right gear.

Well that’s it for this week’s show notes as half the blog was taken up introducing you to it! We’re not going to promise that we can do this every week as that would be a lie, but we will try and do this as often as we can as well as writing about other topics, so if you have a question for us or a topic you would like us to cover in the blog then contact us, or come and find us on all good social media websites.


Tim and Simon

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