Some text about the blog. Isn't it brilliant. Both Tim and Simon can read and write. British schools too.

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall

We start this blog with a bit of bad news. Unfortunately History Retweeted comes to an end tonight. We know, it hurts, it hurts right in the gut. Which, if you’re not that bothered about History Retweeted could be gall … Continue reading »

The Great Pyramid

History Retweeted episode 3 is out this week and this time we take social media further back than it’s ever been, as we retweet ancient Egypt. Listen in awe as Pharaoh Khufu gathers resources and people as he embarks on … Continue reading »

The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet

How quick a week seems to have gone, tonight sees (with your ears) the second episode of History Retweeted and this time we’re pretending social media existed in the late 16th Century. The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet focuses on … Continue reading »

The Moon Landing

So, tonight sees the start of History Retweeted, with The Moon Landing. This one was a right old hoot to write, we loved 1969 as a year to poke fun out of. Whether it was the pop stars, the TV … Continue reading »

BBC Radio Four

Hi Friends, We promised you an announcement, and an announcement we shall now deliver: After many pasty-fuelled writing sessions in a kitchen in Shropshire, Tim Barnes and Simon Berry are pleased to tell you that we have a 4 part … Continue reading »

Barack Obama’s Llama Alarm

Hello you, thanks for reading another Tim and Simon blog, don’t worry, not too much to read this time – we just wanted to share something with you. Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve had multiple people saying … Continue reading »

Tim and Simon’s Podathon

Hello and welcome, Whilst we’re still questioning our sanity, we thought we would take a few moments out of our busy day to explain to you what we are up to on Tuesday 27th September 2011. We, Tim and Simon, … Continue reading »

BBC Radio Shropshire Interview

Back in June we were asked by the lovely Jim Hawkins if we would like be interviewed on his mid-morning show on BBC Radio Shropshire. Being proud Salopians (Old English for ‘person from Shropshire’) we of course said yes. Please … Continue reading »


As you can probably see we have a brand new website, unless of course this is your first visit to in which case you probably think this is the way the website has always looked. But you are wrong. … Continue reading »

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