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The Sketch Show – Thank You

Just a quick thank you to you for listening to The Sketch Show! We loved making it and we will bring you more as and when we can, but for now you’ll just have to make do with our sincere … Continue reading »

The Sketch Show – Episode 4

Well our friends, the time has come. We are in equal parts sad and happy to announce the arrival of the fourth and final episode of Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show… For now. This episode contains scenes of a … Continue reading »

The Sketch Show – Episode 3

Hello again, you beautiful fool. Thank you for knocking. If you’re reading this before reading the previous two blogs, may we politely suggest you go back and start from Episode One? Without further ado, please enjoy Episode Three of Tim … Continue reading »

The Sketch Show – Episode 2

We’ve done it again, here is another episode of Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show. This one contains even more animals, even more swearing and arguably even more funnies. A crisp high five for the person who spots the reference … Continue reading »

The Sketch Show – Episode 1

Huzzah! We finally made it – the first ever episode of Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show. You may now indulge in seventeen minutes and nineteen seconds of daft, bite-sized comedy goodness. And please take note of the crisp packet … Continue reading »

New Image and Podcast Feed

Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show is very nearly upon you.  Here’s a little teaser! The podcast is four episodes long and we’ll release them on Friday mornings throughout June. We are in the process of adding the podcast to … Continue reading »

Sketch Show Update

Hello, you beautiful fool. We trust all is well in your world? Right, enough with the small talk, we’d like to give you an update on Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show. Previously we told you about our new four … Continue reading »

Beyond Chunderdome

Here is your podcast update! We haven’t done a huge amount. Wait, we have done a huge amount: of vomiting. We’ve been shooting the chunderbluss at the porcelain firing range, playing the devil’s explosive accordion and becoming a connoisseurs of … Continue reading »

Coming Soon: The Sketch Show

As you know, we’re releasing a new podcast. It’s a sketch show called Tim and Simon: The Sketch Show. We spent a while coming up with that one… This is something we want to take time over, like building a … Continue reading »

A New Podcast is Coming

You may have noticed we’ve started blogging and tweeting some more recently. Basically, we’ve been buried in full time work and honing our comedy writing for the last couple of years without actually producing any content for you to enjoy. … Continue reading »

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