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Five Reasons To Like Spiders

It’s September, meaning your chance of spotting a hairy little creature under your bed is greater than ever and not just because Tim loves to play hide and seek. Some people like to call it ‘Spider Month’, whilst others like … Continue reading »

How to Pronounce Shrewsbury

As you probably know, we are both proud Salopians. That means we are from the county of Shropshire. Specifically, the beautiful town of Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury’s famous* for a lot of things**, such as Charles Darwin, flowers and… Cadfael***. But there’s … Continue reading »

Top Ten Numbers of All Time

Aww yeah, don’t you just love a good number? They’re good for so much! Counting, addresses, more counting. But do you ever find yourself wondering which number is best? Who tops the charts? Which number is number one? Is it … Continue reading »

How To Queue

As you may know, Tim and Simon are British, and being British means we love to queue. It’s the fairest way of agreeing who gets a good or service first. But there are a number of “types” out there who … Continue reading »

Goodnight, Sweet Tart

It’s been great to see lots of new comedy with the BBC’s Sitcom Season, and with it saw the return of Captain Gary Sparrow in Goodnight Sweetheart. What we think about it aside, it’s once again brought up the long-going … Continue reading »

9 things.

What’s the best way to fill space on your website? Gifs! They don’t even have to be about anything, just fill a page with rubbish and make up a topic at the end. It’s that simple! We made our own, … Continue reading »

Tim or Simon’s Thought of the Week: Words

Words are funny. Literally. Ham is funnier than pork, swine is funnier than pig, moist is funnier than wet, clammy is funnier than moist, and gyrating is funnier than dancing. Necking is definitely funnier than kissing – ask your partner … Continue reading »