Tim Barnes

Tim Barnes is a proud Salopian. He lives in Shrewsbury with his wife with whom he has multiplied. His time is spent wiping comedy, writing arses and suffering from confusion brought on by parenthood.

While he is an experienced radio producer known for engaging, informative and fun radio, he’s adored by many for writing comedy.

Sure, his eyebrows intimidate and looks a bit like the dad from The Wonder Years, but don't let that put you off. Just sit back and allow yourself to be taken away by Tim's fantastical imagination and butter knife sharp wit.

Key feature
Head size
NBA standard size 7 basketball
Melee weapon
Gammon shank
Finishing move
Queen to Rook five
100% record for flipping Jaffa Cakes into own mouth

Simon Berry

Simon Berry dropped anchor within the depths of Shropshire from a very young age, in every sense of the phrase. He resides in Shrewsbury with his teenhood sweetheart, with whom he has ferrets. Despite sounding like a disease, he assures everyone that ferrets are not as painful nor contagious as they sound.

Once a student of radio production, he now gets paid for producing radio, and has become worryingly good at editing audio.

Instead of lateral thinking, he works on literal thinking, so fear not if he laughs at the normal things you say. Even though his chin protrudes and his hair is thinning, forgive his appearance - his comedy is absurd, creative, and really rather funny.

Super power
Horse mounting (at will)
Battle cry
Finishing move
The Democratic Elbow
Le Freak - Chic

When their forces combine, they become Tim and Simon; a comedy Megazord which can not, nay, will not be stopped...